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We pride ourselves in bringing the newest an best techniques to our Guests that will truly make a difference to their skin. Here are the Woody Michleb Beauty Salon we offer facials that offer recognisable differences in the quality of your skin and enhance your beauty. With Oxygen, Collagen Dermaplaning and Microneedling on our Skin Care menu, you can be sure we are here to truly care for your skin.

Brow Blade Sculpt (20 min) $35

For those who can’t wax or don’t choose to use wax to sculpt and shape, using a dermablade to remove

excess, unwanted hair and shape brows with no redness pain or downtime is an excellent alternative!


Eye Rejuvenator and Lip Plumper (20 minutes) $109

For those tired eyes, dark circles and crows feet this quick pick me up will rejuvenate the under eye

circles, firm and brighten the skin around your eyes. Add a lip plumping service to showcase temporary

fuller thicker lips, filling in of uneven areas and dehydrated lines.

(includes cleanse, skin primer, hyralonic and vitamin infusions,, eye/lip masks, finishing

moisturizer and SPF)


Hot and Cold Stone Facial (40 minutes) $149

For all skin types and the ultimate in relaxation, refresh, soothe, destress and energize your skin with the

wonder of hot and cold stones.

(includes cleanse, tone, masque, cold stone facial massage, finishing moisturizer, as

well as neck and shoulder massage)


Double Oxygen facial (50 minutes) $179

When infused with oxygen, skin immediately brightens, detoxifies and is left smooth, healthy and with an enviable glow.

(includes cleanse, exfoliation with steam, oxygen masque, facial massage, oxygen vitamin infused spray,

finishing moisturizer, as well as scalp, neck, hand and shoulder massage)

Add appropriate LED light during Oxygen Masque for deeper oxygen penetration + $35


Back Facial (50 minutes) $189

A great choice for men and women, and a must in the South Florida weather. “We have got your back!”

This hard to reach area needs some pampering of its own, with regular facial techniques applied to the

back to exfoliate, cleanse and rejuventate your skin. (includes cleanse, tone, exfoliate, steam and extract,

massage, and mask

Add appropriate LED light during a back facial to enhance desired results.+ $35


Collagen Facial (50 minutes) $195

Collagen deeply hydrates the skin resulting in a fresh complexion allowing the skin feel soft subtle and

radiant. You will feel rejuvenated and refreshed with a youthful glow.

(includes customized cleanse, exfoliation,treatment with collagen masque face neck and décolleté, facial

massage, hyrdrating serums as well as scalp, neck, hand and shoulder massage)

Add Amber LED light during Collagen Masque to support enhanced collagen production + $35


Dermaplaning Facial (50 minutes) $225

A relaxing and non-invasive way of exfoliating and resurfacing your skin that is great for all skin types.

Immediately leaves skin brighter and more vibrant. Creates a smooth clean surface so products

penetrate better and make up stays on flawlessly. Also used for vellus hair removal and brow shaping

and a great option for guests who cannot wax for facial hair removal. The results are immediate and

amazing with no downtime. Glow that evening! A fantastic tool to address and remove dark spots and


(includes cleanse, exfoliate, steam and extract, derma-planing, facial massage, hydtrating mask and

nutritive serums infused with ultrasound.

Add appropriate LED light to give the ultimate collagen and pigment boost-$35


Microneedling/Collagen Induction Facial (50 minutes) $300

The ultimate anti-aging facial to boost your skins production of collagen and elastin naturally as nutritive

serums are infused into the dermis. This medical grade facial plumps, rejuvenates and

retexturizes your skin with amazing results and very little downtime. The process stimulates the skin and

enhances its natural ability to heal itself. By producing increased amounts off collagen elastin and

healing peptides,the skins texture and integrity is improved and wrinkles are softened, .There is also a

reduction in pore size and scar revision.

(time and steps vary based on exact treatment needs – includes customized cleanse, steam exfoliation,

extractions,micro-needling, hydrating mask,infusion of medical grade nutrients and hydrators with

ultrasound. Package of 4 sessions is recommended for optimal results


Microcurrent- Add on to most facials or PRP for enhanced results

This non-invasive anti-aging treatment uses micro-currents to stimulate the production and storage of

collagen and elastin in the skin naturally. Your skin will feel and look tighter, brighter and rested.

Recommended as a repeat service for best results.

Package of 6 sessions is recommended for optimal results


Rejuvenating Light (LED therapy) - Add on to most facials or PRP for enhanced results

Pair the technology of color light therapy with customized serum blends to address various skin care

needs with long lasting and glowing results.

Discuss with your skin care expert the specific mixtures tailor made specifically to suit your skin’s

individual needs.


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