About Martina Kruer

A Palm Beach native, Martina has been in the industry for over a decade, and is a leading hairstylist. She grew up with business role models in her family of very successful entrepeneurs.


As a young talented designer Martina is passionate about education and service. She understands and loves the Palm Beach Island community, and prior to the John Barrett Salon closing down, worked at the location and enjoyed thoroughly being there.


During her time at the John Barrett salon, she made many Worth Avenue friends, including hosting a mini pop-up shop offering touch ups during an event at Escada, and supporting local events and charities.


Prior to starting at the salon in Palm Beach Martina grew an enviable clientelle. Chicago’s Magnificent Mile Red Door Spa, where Guest service was the priority.


She has trained under Woody & Amy while at Red Door, and understands the importance of the values they bring to Palm Beach with their attention to detail and training of their staff.


As she builds her accolades and resume, Martina has traveled around the country to follow her craft. She has worked on many photo shoots, and has styled hair at New York and LA Fashion Week. She travels and teaches fellow salons and hairstylists marketing and business building tips.


Her energy is infectious, and she has a bubbly personality, making her the person that knows everyone in the room. She is an amazing asset to the tight knit Palm Beach community.

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