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The choice to go Vegan in cosmetics and beauty products is a personal one. Where possible we try to source products that are Vegan - no animal by-products used in them! Common Animal by-products in beauty products are derived from animal skin, bones, feathers, sebaceous gland, and fats.

We try to find Organic and Vegan services and products to offer within the salon, which is not always easy! We want to ensure we do not sacrifice performance, but also offer options to our Guests. If you have a preference for our Vegan choices, please let us know so we can work with the right products for you! We also strive to source all of our products as Cruelty Free, meaning that even if they do contain ingredients that come from animals, the products themselves or the raw ingredients are not animal tested. 

We currently offer:


100% Vegan, 100% Organic & 99% Natural Hair Color - no need to loose quality and performance to be natural! This Italian line offers shine, full grey coverage and gorgeous color choices.


100% Vegan Smoothing Treatments - Keratin Treatments are amazing... but Keratin comes from Animal By Products, so we love to use a Vegan Treatment with lots of Plant Based ingredients that are healthy for the hair. Frizz free hair for up to 5 months!


Vegan Glue for our Cold Fusion Hair Extensions - these permanent extensions use 100% European Hair, with a gentle vegan glue that is applied cold, by hand and lasts up to 5 months. They are so flat and small that they can even be applied in the fringe area or on the top of the head!

100% Vegan hair growth vitamins, Hush & Hush which ensure the body will never be deficient in any one vitamin or mineral necessary for optimal hair health. Simple to use, Hush & Hush is designed to be taken morning and night, similar to how you use your skincare products.

a model with red orange shiny hair from using vegan products
a model using a vegan hair mask on her hair
An image of a vegan hair supplement called Hush & Hush
an image showing vegan ingredients, peaches, macadamia nuts, plant extracts, chia seeds, coconut oil, hazelnuts

The Best Of The Best

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