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Product: Hush & Hush Deeply Rooted

Hush & Hush Deeply Rooted


This is one of our best selling products in the salon! A CLINICALLY-PROVEN HAIR GROWTH SUPPLEMENT.

In clinical studies, 91% of subjects reported improved overall hair growth.

Key ingredients help block the root causes of hair thinning and hair lossEncourages hair to grow thicker, longer, stronger and more voluminous

Maintains the overall health of the hair and scalp

Suitable for women and men*


Available in 1 Month Supply 120 capsules or 3 Months Supply 360 capsules



This complete hair health supplement harnesses the power of proven vitamins, minerals, botanicals and patented ingredients to stop thinning hair and hair loss in its tracks. Powered by true, transparent science, DeeplyRooted is clinically proven to help grow new hair and improve the overall health of the hair.

Whether you’re experiencing the first signs of hair changes or have been dealing with less-than-perfect hair for a while, be it the cause of aging, environmental factors, hormonal changes, or stress, DeeplyRooted feeds the body with the nutrients it needs to shift the hair out of the resting phase and back in to the growing phase.*


• Strengthens weak hair by nourishing the follicle*
• Defends against hair loss by promoting scalp health*
• Creates thicker, shinier hair with better density*
• Combats the underlying causes of thin, weak, and aging hair*

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